Xifaxan® (rifaximin) 550 mg
and Hepatic Encephalopathy

Hepatic encephalopathy (HE) causes mental and physical symptoms in people with liver disease (cirrhosis). Xifaxan 550 mg may help reduce the risk of HE events and related symptoms.

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Hepatic Encephalopathy
patient resources

The Hepatic Encephalopathy Living Program (H.E.L.P.) offers a variety of patient resources to help you understand and manage your condition.

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Help with cost and insurance

Cost and insurance support is available, regardless of whether or not you have prescription coverage. Find out about the Xifaxan 550 mg Access Helpline, Instant Savings Card, and Patient Assistance Program.

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Resources and support
for caregivers

Taking care of a person living with hepatic encephalopathy can be challenging. But with helpful resources, tips, and advocacy groups, it can be a little easier.

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Reduce the risk of overt HE recurrence with Xifaxan

Xifaxan 550 mg is an antibiotic treatment for adults living with hepatic encephalopathy (HE)—a complication of liver disease (cirrhosis). Overt HE can affect the brain and result in a variety of mental and physical symptoms. Xifaxan 550 mg may prevent these symptoms from returning.

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